ADHD is a Superpower

ADHD is more than just not being able to pay attention. ADHD characteristics include being overstimulated by bright lights, being hyperactive in public spaces, talking too much, disorganized in life, and not being able to plan timelines.  However ADHD might be something positive in your life, if you know how to build on it.


ADHD / ADD Adults have a great superpower - an enormous passion for what they do. 

My coaching method quickly revives ADHD / ADD Adults  so they can continue to indulge in their adrenaline fuelled endeavors. 

ADHD Adults are overlooked

ADHD in adults is often overlooked, but when ADHD adults crave balance in their lives, they often feel they are not getting the support. With waiting times of up to 3 years to receive a NHS Adult consultation, ADHD Adults are left with no or little support. 

Did you know ?

What do business mogul Sir Richard Branson,  Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad, and JetBlue founder David Neeleman, have in common ? They are all founding billionaires. They are some of the smartest leaders on the planet who also thrive in chaos.

As a matter of fact they all have ADHD.

And like many other entrepreneurs and CEOs, some will even tell you that they are successful largely because of the “diagnosis”, not in spite of it.  But they did not do it alone. THEY HAD A COACH.



Many high profile achievers are publicly embracing their ADHD diagnoses.


It takes time to understand your mind's intensity and train yourself to effectively use it, medication only helps to streamline the focus. As you develop understanding, your self-awareness also grows. This prepares you to engage be productive, in healthy ways that bring out the best in yourself.

ADHD ADULT Coaching improves work's quality, productivity and efficiency. It does focus on your Creativity. 

Creativity is an essential, intrinsic part of executive functions. The right balance between wild-thinking action and focus is the key.

Regardless of whether you're a business owner, a stay-at-home parent, or just trying to improve your personal life, there is always something that you want to accomplish.

What's so special about ADHD ADULT coaching?

 It is commonly understood that ADHD coaching is a form of coaching that focuses on the challenges individuals with ADHD face on an ongoing basis. Symptoms of ADHD include difficulty with focus and attention, hyperactivity, problems organizing and time management and forgetfulness and procrastination issues.

I believe that the most special thing about ADHD coaching is the "new approach with fresh eyes" that it provides on challenges. Individuals with ADHD are able to focus on accomplishing their goals with ADHD coaching because they are receiving guidance from coaches who are experts in the field and are not just left with the hope that the medication will fix it.


As a coach, it is always rewarding to see the light in the face of a client realising that finally someone recognises how they experience ADHD.

ADHD Adult coaching:
The key to Accomplishing your Goals

There is a lot of research out there telling people how ADHD impacts children as they grow up. They can be impulsive, hyperactive, and distracted from tasks. All of those symptoms impact the child's ability to learn, which makes for a difficult childhood. But what about those children who have grown up and now have ADHD as an adult?

New research is suggesting that a lot of those symptoms carry over into adulthood and present a whole new set of challenges. Adults with ADHD have difficulty focusing on tasks that they find boring or menial. They can struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance. They may have trouble with self-regulation of their emotions.

Every day in the United States, 17 million people experience ADHD in a given day in a given year. 

ADHD coaching for adults is a positive way to make sure your goals are met. This is because ADHD coaching for adults is a process where the coach will work with the client to provide support, encouragement, and achieve set goals.

When coaching someone with ADHD, it is important to affirm their desire to achieve balance in their lives. Once a coach has a sense of the challenges a person is up against, they can start to work together to overcome the challenges the person is facing.

Many professionals agree that ADHD coaching can be a key to accomplishing goals, and a healthy lifestyle.


Many adults have ADHD without adequate understanding of their different brain. The prefrontal cortex is underdevelopment in the ADHD brain, so they struggle to plan and carry out tasks.

ADHD YOUR SUPERPOWER COACHING PROGRAM  will provide you with the tools to tackle exactly that. Together we'll identify important areas in which you are struggling. We will then help you to build supportive structures around these executive functions.

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