But I kept going.

Chris's Story

I’ve spent the last 50 years trying to figure it out. 

People call me the Chameleon, and I think this is quite an appropriate evaluation of my Character traits. I started my book by saying my life story would fill 6 books but I am not sure I will have ever the patience to sit down and write them. 

Thanks, ADHD! 

My personal excuse and Superpower.

However, down this magic yellow brick road called life, I have picked up some "friends" or traits whatever you like to call them, that help my clients on their own little journey to Oz.  

Some even refer to me as the Wizard. I don't know if I should consider that as a compliment or an insult.

l  gain much personal satisfaction by leveraging the same strategies I’ve used to unstuck myself and applying them to help everyday people find their motivating engaging confidence and impact.

I am big on authenticity...

So let's keep it real and I save you some time to do the research.

My ups and downs included...

2 messed up marriages, drug, and alcohol abuse, getting in trouble with the law at a young age, turning my life around becoming clean and focused, just to mess it up again. 

Creating endless businesses, failing in most of them but succeeding in some, and boy did they become successful.

Growing up in cult of Space Aliens ( don't ask ) and turning the back on them and my entire family as friends and personal relationships. I continued my journey on my own down my yellow brick road running Hotels and entire chains of them entering the C-Suite World, being Regional Director for one of the biggest Hotel Chains, evading the 9-5 lifestyle ( not that i ever worked these hours - I am an outed workaholic ).

I travelled the world as an Airline crew, became a Life Coach, PT, NLP Master & Transformational Coach.

Another few steps on my erratic life road to OZ  were working as an Entertainment Specialist and Event Creator, producing a Musical Show that failed to win various Championships as Latin-American Ballroom Dancer, working for a Rodent ( you know whom I talking about ), completing 2 degrees, the 3rd one to be completed in 2022 ( Law for the ones of you that like the irony of life )  having ADHD and C-PTSD, an eating disorder,( thanks to the abuse of my parents.) and still thriving thru life. 

That's what I call Resilience and my Superpowers.

Your Life is limitless...

The list would go on; as I said there is material for 6 books, but it all has led me to be able to be an exceptional coach and being able to coach some of the TOP  1% Executives, get them out of their own stuck up heads, giving them clarity, and motivate them to engage their confidence and make a real impact with a Go-Giver Mindset and Heart. 

Some people believe that this does not go hand in hand at this level of the Corporate latter, however, it is one of the biggest misconceptions about our today's leaders.

My personal motto:


Changing the Joe's and Jane's of the World, day by day  - every day.

On a personal Note

From an early age, I knew I was destined for more. 

But knowing it does not always mean achieving it. I hit quite a few roadblocks on my way, probably more than I cared for, but they all led me to where I am today. Being able to coach and impact so many amazing people and leaders.

You won’t tweak yourself to a big vision; you’ll need to make some significant changes.

Its not about how well you do something , it is about how genuine you are doing it.

Chris Markert

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