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I am a Certified ADHD and Executive Success Coach and my coaching practice specialises on coaching ADHD adults and furthermore Transformational & Success coaching for C-Suites Executives to amplify self awareness, enhancing decision making, communication and leadership. I use the latest Industry modalities such as to NLP and IFS ( Internal Family System) to help my clients to thrive in every aspect of their life. 


It’s all about understanding the ADHD client’s specific needs and respecting them.

They need to be able to express themselves, to know what’s happening, and to be able to solve problems. 

People with ADHD typically have problems with attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, which can interfere with their quality of life.

ADHD can cause intense and severe feelings of frustration and hopelessness and life long struggles with relationships and work.

As ADHD Coaches we are trained to help our clients to be able to develop a comprehensive understanding of both the nature of their ADHD and ADHD’s impact on their quality of life.

While medication is certainly an important part of a treatment, they are not  designed to improve daily academic, family, workplace or personal performance, and create consistent progress.

You have to remember pills will not give you the skills !


It is often the case that C-level individuals view coaching as a luxury reserved for middle-management and below.

There are a few reasons behind this mindset.:

  • First, senior managers will often put themselves at the end of the line. After all, they get paid the most and they already know what they’re doing.
  • Second, C-level individuals sometimes think that they don’t need help.
  • Thirdly, they think they don’t have the time: they’re too busy.

Executive Coaches provide a framework for strong leadership and a framework for success.

They can help a CEO to find a vision, a mission and a strategy that will be the most successful for the company.

They can help to ensure that the company follows the plan and achieve each goal along the way. They can provide encouragement during difficult times and support when times get tough. 

So often, leaders get themselves in a “pickle” when they are not willing to be humble and vulnerable and acknowledge their opportunities for growth and development.

About Chris

From humble roots to being an Industry Trendsetting Motivational Speaker & Executive Success Coach, Chris has seen it all and understands what it’s like to want more from your life and have a bigger impact.  He’s got the skills to help you get there.

Being in control of my life and future is the best feeling ever, and I owe it all to Chris.

Trish L.

Founder of New Coach Media

Your Life is limitless...

Some of us have been setting the same goals, losing and regaining the same weight, making and breaking the same promises, having the same pointless conversations about the same mindless crap, avoiding the same issues, making the same excuses, and, let's be honest, messing around for years.

You won’t tweak yourself to a big vision; you’ll need to make some significant changes.



I don’t believe one shoe fits all...


Learn the latest life hack strategies and techniques in weekly virtual classes. Book your free clarity call so we can suggest the best courses for your Goals.


Gain full clarity, freedom, and Life impacting changes faster with one-on-one coaching. Together, we’ll design a bespoke plan for your unique situation. Chris uses the latest techniques of NLP and IFS modalities.


Get a clear picture of your Adult ADHD situation with a free Discovery call and create a playbook for the future which you can the download and implement at the end of the call.

The Exclusive C-Suites Membership Alliance.

The C-Suite Mastermind Circle is an exclusive and highly limited Membership community for C-Suite Executives only. Think of it as Facebook on steroids, exclusive for Top Level Leaders. A safe heaven to exchange ideas, get inspiration, and exchange with likeminded Executives. It includes Bi-monthly Group Coaching calls, and special events with Industry leading Experts in the Coaching world. 

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